Active Investors

We invest in entrepreneurs and business leaders all across the world. We take an active approach to partnering with companies at all levels of their growth.

We See the Full Spectrum

We understand what it means to support companies at all stages of their life-cycle: from growing bootstrapped businesses to re-positioning market leaders for long-term success.


We offer financial management (i.e. interim CFO), revenue generation, corporate development and board advisory services.

Global Access

We have a strong network that spans the globe and can build strategic partnerships that lead to new revenue, joint ventures and/or exit opportunities.


As a new market entrant in an archaic industry, Wave Shipping benefited tremendously from Omar Ali’s deep knowledge of the maritime services market coupled with his unique perspectives on building a disruptive digital platform. The Incrementum team also provided invaluable guidance during the sale of our business.
— Lars Rosenkrands, CEO and Co-Founder – Wave Shipping
Incrementum’s insights and advice have helped ExpressPigeon carve out a profitable niche within the marketing technology landscape. The firm’s belief in us as new entrepreneurs and our focus on creating a better technology platform within a competitive market is testament to Incrementum’s ability to see value.
— Igor Polevoy, President and Founder – ExpressPigeon
As we entered into a new geographic market, Incrementum’s global network of contacts proved exceptionally beneficial. They have shown unwavering support as an investor and their partnership remains key to our future growth and development.
— Asaf Rozin, CEO and Co-Founder – Stampfeet