Our ServiceS


Financial Management

• Business Plan/ Model formulation

• Preparation of financial projections

• Fundraising advice

• Interim CFO services 


Revenue Generation

We assist our clients in business development by:

• Engaging in market and industry analysis, and then working with them to improve their value proposition to better position their product/service offering

• Making their existing sales more efficient and proposing creative strategies to create new revenue streams (i.e. product extensions/new business divisions, partnerships, etc.)

• Providing access to our global network of entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies via targeted introductions 



Corporate Development

We offer the following corporate development services:

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Post Merger Integration

• Greenfield and new product development 


Board Advisory

From corporate governance to strategy development to building an amazing team, we play an active value-added role on the boards that we join and advise